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Will Graham

A.W. Pink: Profiting from the Word

Quotes by Pink on the Scriptures.

FRESH BREEZE AUTHOR Will Graham 13 JANUARY 2018 10:00 h GMT+1
Photo: Pixabay (CC)

I finally got around to reading my first English book of the year. And what a blessing it proved to be. The tome in question was Profiting from the Word, penned by the acclaimed evangelical writer A.W. Pink (1886-1952).

Today, in order to honour Pink’s legacy and to spark further interest in his writings, I shall jot down some of my favourite quotes gleaned from the aforementioned volume. May they edify you all, dear readers.

Here goes...


A.W. Pink Quotes

 “The Holy Scriptures are given us not for intellectual gratification and carnal speculation, but to furnish unto all good works”.

“There is many a verse of Scripture which no commentary save that of personal experience can satisfactorily interpret”.

“One of the surest tests to apply to the professed conversion is the heart’s attitude towards sin”.

“It is not sufficient merely to assent to the veracity of the Scriptures, they require to be received into the affections”.

“Sin is a species of anarchy in the spiritual realm”.

“Any human theory which denies [the verbal inspiration of Scripture] is a device of Satan, an attack upon God’s truth. The divine image is stamped upon every page. Writings so holy, so heavenly, so awe-producing, could not have been created by man”.

“The ‘god’ which is believed in by many professing Christians is becoming more and more paganised”.

“Most of the religion of the day is but a touching up of old Adam. It is merely a garnishing of sepulchres full of corruption”.

“The Spirit never works apart from the Word”.


Arthur Pink (1886-1952). / Banner of Truth website.

“The great controversy between the Creator and the creature has been whether He or they should be God, whether His wisdom or theirs should be the guiding principle of their actions, whether His will or theirs should be supreme”.

“True conversion is a tearing down of every idol”.

“The one who deters from committing certain sins because the eyes of men are upon him, and who hesitates not to commit them when alone, is destitute of the fear of God”.

“The truly regenerate soul is afraid of disobeying and defying God”.

“Christ has redeemed His people from the curse of the Law but not from the command of it; He has saved them from the wrath of God but not from His government”.

“Our love for [God] is expressed, not in pleasing emotions or beautiful words, but in keeping His commandments”.

“It is natural to murmur when things go wrong, it is supernatural to hold our peace”.

“An individual is profited from the Scriptures when he becomes more engrossed with Christ’s perfections”.

“Where there is faith in Christ, there will be delight in His commandments”.

“It is impossible seriously to believe that it was my sins which caused the Son of God to shed His precious blood without my hating them”.

“A prayer-less Christian is a contradiction in terms”.

“Prayer is the breath of the new nature in the saint”.

“God has no dumb children”.

“Our prayers should be according to the Scriptures, seeing that [God] is their Author throughout”.

“There must be no dictating nor can we ‘claim’ anything from God, for we are beggars depending upon His mere mercy”.

“Error is not so much the denial of truth as the perversion of truth, the pitting of one part of it against another”.

“Christ not only rendered a perfect obedience unto the Law for the justification of His believing people, but He also merited for them those supplies of His Spirit which were essential unto their sanctification”.

“If our minds submit not unto God in all His commandments, we submit not to His authority in anything He enjoins”.

“The world is an enemy to be resisted and overcome”.

“All the desires and designs of worldlings are for the gratification of self”.


Perhaps Pink's best-known work is 'The Sovereignty of God'. / Banner of Truth website.

“Let the Christian turn his back upon a Christ-dishonouring Christendom and his fiercest foes and most relentless and unscrupulous enemies will be those who claim to be Christians themselves!”

“A sinner might just as well petition a tree as call upon God for mercy while he despises and rejects Christ”.

“Truth has to be bought (Proverbs 23:23), and those who are unwilling to pay the price must go without it”.

“Joy is a duty”.

“Every attribute of God, when contemplated by faith, will make the heart sing. Every doctrine of the Gospel, when truly apprehended, will call forth gladness and praise”.

“We cannot love Christ unless we love His brethren”.

“We should not be surprised when unregenerate professors mistake human sentimentality and carnal pleasantries for spiritual love”.

“How many doting a father has withheld the rod from his children, under the mistaken notion that real affection for them and the chastising of them were incompatible! How many a foolish mother, who disdained all corporal punishment, has boasted that ‘love’ rules in her home!”

“The genuineness and strength of my love to God are not to be measured by my words nor by the lustiness with which I sing His praises, but by my obedience to His Word”.

“The best way of overcoming a bitter spirit to a brother who has offended is to be much in prayer for him”.




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