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2.- All comments must be related to the topic outlined in the article.

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4.- Personal data (phone numbers, email, etc.) and external links will not be published.

5.- The comments related to other people or to institutions, will not be published, unless they mention issues and / or information published in Evangelical Focus.

6.- Personal attacks will not be tolerated. We ask you to be respectful and to focus your comments only on the subject of the article.

7.- The comments will not be published immediately, they must be reviewed by the moderators. They can approve, shorten or refuse them, in order to keep the previous rules. We will try to make the moderation in 24 hours, and it always will be done before than 72 hours.

8.- A comment must not necessarily agree with the Evangelical Focus board's opinion to be published. There will be no correspondence between moderators and the authors of the comments on this topic.

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Cookies policy

This website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to provide you with the best experience we can. You can find out more about cookies, what type of cookies we use and how to manage and delete them below.

What are cookies, and how does Evangelical Focus use them?

Cookies are small text files which are sent to your device (smartphone, tablet, tv) when you visit a website, allowing that website to remember your information on your return visits. Evangelical Focus, as almost all websites do, uses cookies for:

- Make sure the websites work correctly.

- Store your preferences, such as your language or your word size.

- Know your browsing experience.

- Collect and compile anonymous information for statistical purposes, such as what pages you have viewed or how long you have been using our services.

The use of cookies allows us to enhance your surfing experience, by matching the information and services offered to your interests, to provide you with a better experience whenever you visit us. Evangelical Focus uses cookies to operate, match and facilitate the user’s browsing to the maximum.

Cookies are only linked to one anonymous user and his computer/device and do not include references that permit personal information to be known. You can access to the configuration of your browser at any time to change and/or block the installation of the cookies sent by Evangelical Focus, without this preventing your access to the content. However, the quality of the operation of the services may be affected.

Users who complete the registration proccess or have started a session with their access code will be able to access to personalized services that matched their preferences, according to the personal information provided in the registration that is stored in the cookie of their browser.

The Evangelical Focus´s marketing email tools use little images that are not visible to the users. This technology allows us to know whether an email has been sent or not, on what date, the IP address from it was read, etc. With that information, we carry out statistical and analytical studies on the sending and receipting of emails, to improve the services available for the users to suscribe and to give them information that may be of their interest.

Why are cookies important?

Technically, cookies allow websites to operate in a more easily way, to fit users' preferences, like the language, the currency, or the device used.

They set up protection and security levels that prevent or obstruct cyber-attacks against the website and its users.

They allow managers to know the statistical data collected in the cookies, in order to improve the quality and the experience of their services.

To optimize the advertising that we show to our users, offering them what can best fit their interests.

How can I configure my cookies?

When browsing and staying on our websites and applications, you are consenting to the use of cookies under the conditions contained in the Cookies Policy. Evangelical Focus provides access to this Cookies Policy when you register, so that the user is always informed, without prejudice to the fact that the user may exercise his right to block, delete or reject the use of cookies at any time.

You can access to the configuration of your browser at any time to change and/or block the installation of the cookies sent by Evangelical Focus, without this preventing your access to the content. However, the quality of the operation of the services may be affected.

Privacy Legal Disclaimer

Areópago protestante, owner of the website "Evangelical Focus" only gets and keeps the following information about its users:

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the IP address that give you access to the web. For instance, a user with the provider XXX, will only be identified by the domain XXX and / or the IP address. With this information, it will be easier to carry out statistical studies about the countries and servers that visit our website.

The date and time you access the website. That allows us to find out the site´s peak hours and to make the neccessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems during our rush hour.

The internet address that leads you to our website. That allows us to know our banners and links´s efficacy, in order to empower those who offer better results.

The number of daily visitors of each section, so that we can know the most successful areas, to improve and increase their contents, in order to give the users a more satisfactory service.

Governing law and Jurisdiction

All terms and conditions of Evangeligal Focus are governed by Spanish law.

For any questions that may arise from the provision of the services and contents of Evangelical Focus.

Terms of use of TICKERS

Evangelical Focus offers this service for free to anyone who requests it

Due to the fact that this offer is free of charge and open to any kind of users, it does not involve any agreement, responsibilty or identification with any website that uses our tickers. assuming that they will use them just to offer our contents to their readers.

We apreciate your interest in including the Evangelical Focus headlines´ tickers on your websites.


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