Greg Pritchard earned his MA from Trinity School of Divinity before continuing on to finish his PhD at Northwestern University. The intersection of theology, history, philosophy and sociology is Greg’s primary focus both in teaching and writing. He has taught graduate-level courses on apologetics, theology, history, leadership, the New Testament, ethics, and Christian Thought at American, European, and Asian institutions of higher learning. His book, Willow Creek Seeker Services, has been published in four languages. In addition, Greg has worked as the COO at a Chicago investment firm. Currently, he serves as the President of the Forum of Christian Leaders and as the Director of the European Leadership Forum. The Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) is the sponsor of the European Leadership Forum (ELF), a coalition of Evangelical organizations seeking to do together what one single organization can't do -- unite, mentor, and resource European Evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and re-evangelise Europe. This happens first at the ELF's annual meeting each May in Poland and continues with over 350 strategies that spin out of the Forum throughout the year. In addition to the ELF, FOCL is host to an online media library and learning community for Evangelical leaders. Learn more at and

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