“Europe needs hope in all realms of society”

About 600 evangelical leaders from across Europe are expected to attend the European Evangelical Alliance “Hope For Europe” conference in Estonia, in October.

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TALLINN · 25 JULY 2018 · 12:37 CET

A view of Tallinn, in Estonia. / Pixabay, CC0,
A view of Tallinn, in Estonia. / Pixabay, CC0

The European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) is organising a special weeklong “working conference” in October (8-13).

In Tallinn, representatives of 33 national Evangelical Alliances, 17 EEA networks, and 16 affiliate organisations will gather for a week of interactive seminars, prayer, thematic tracks, plenaries and times of sharing.

This event goes beyond the annual General Assemblies of the EEA and is welcoming “everyone interested in bringing hope to Europe”.



One of the aims is “to extend the visibility and influence of the evangelicals in all areas of society”, the EEA said on the event’s website.


Hope For Europe 2018 is an European-wide conference organised by the EEA.

The program of “Hope for Europe” is “geared towards sharing strategies, best practices and valuable insights”. The conference will help “connect with key influencers, benefit from new ideas and experience the value of network cooperation”.

Participants will be able to present Posters to share local and regional initiatives with the wider evangelical community.



The speakers at the plenary sessions will be Helen Sworn (“The Power of Networks”), Andrzej Turkanik (“Generations”), Steve Hollinghurst and Meego Remmel (“Nations & Cultures”), Rosalee Velloso (“Unity in Diversity”) and Johannes Reimer (“Churches & Boundaries”).

Every participant will be part of one of the Hope For Europe Network tracks in areas such as Children’s Educators, Disability, Roma, Peace and Reconciliation, Missions, Refugees or European Freedom Network (against human trafficking), among others.



 “We are called to be Good News people and be different to create a lasting impact”, the organisation said as they presented the conference.

“Hope for Europe is a unique opportunity for you to connect with evangelical leaders across Europe and to learn how different networks and ministries can contribute to building God’s kingdom not only in Europe, but also in your country”, Frank Hinkelmann, President of the EEA, said.


The Estonian Evangelical Alliance co-hosts the conference.

The Evangelical Alliance of Estonia is co-hosting the conference. Participants will engage in activities in the city of Tallinn, such a visit to the Estonian Parliament and a series of public activities called “Hope in the City”.

The registration for "Hope for Europe" is open here. A brochure of the conference can be downloaded here.

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