Church Unity with Liberals?

The danger of ecumenical Trojan horses.

16 JUNE 2018 · 11:00 CET

Foto:  Inc.Com.,
Foto: Inc.Com.

The problem with theological liberals (i.e. Christians who don’t believe a word of what the Bible says) is that they state nothing clearly.

They play with words; replacing truth, Scriptural truth, with inoffensive generalities. Everything with them is indistinct and undefined.

No dogma.

No convictions.

No sin.

No wrath.

No condemnation.

No hell.

They promote a religious elasticity with an anything-goes kind of ecumenism built upon socio-political concerns.

As evangelical Protestants, we do the Gospel no favours by sharing platforms with such infidels. To do so, in Charles Spurgeon’s terms, is blatant “participation in sin”. Or as Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it: “Guilt by association”. Or biblically speaking: “Sharing in wickedness” (2 John 11).

If apostolic doctrine is ignored then we must ignore their gifts.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones was strongly opposed to any type of church unity not based upon the Gospel.

No ecclesiastical leader is worthy of evangelical respect if he/ she tones down the authority and truthfulness of Scripture, the atonement of Christ or flirts about with the doctrine of the literal resurrection or hints that we should think about incorporating the Virgin Mary into our Protestant worship.

Sadly, this unholy passion for church unity at any cost ultimately proves to be a Trojan Horse that destroys the well-being of Christ’s beloved flock.

The Lord Jesus never told us to celebrate communion with wolves. What kind of watchmen are we if we put unity over truth, emotions over truth or pagan love over biblical love?

May we all be on our guard in these perilous days of religious unity!

Let us hold fast to the key evangelical truths so cherished by our Protestant forefathers!

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