Young Christian professionals gather to reflect about mission at the workplace

Eighteen Spanish young professionals are trained to put into practice biblical principles in their personal and professional lives. They will also have a one year mentoring.

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Protestante Digital · COMARRUGA (SPAIN) · 22 DECEMBER 2017 · 17:05 CET

The participants of the  gathering. / Tres-e,
The participants of the gathering. / Tres-e

The Spanish group Evangelicals in Economy and Business (Evangélicos en Economía y Empresa, Tres-e), in collaboration with Europartners, organised the first gathering for "Young professionals" in the Spanish city of Comarruga.

It is the begining of a spiritual, personal and professional training process, which aims to equip them to be ambassadors of Christ in the workplace.

The meeting brought together eighteen professionals from different areas, from six different cities in Spain and two representatives from Latin America, along with the mentors team, who will accompany the young people during this first year.



During the weekend they worked intensely on the different topics that will be developed during the following year through the mentoring process.

The course began by studying identity, what defines us as people, given that as children of God, what we do does not define who we are. But if we are in Christ, He does define what we do and how we do it.


A training session. / Tres-e

Afterwards, the mentors carried out a directed and individual analysis of personal experiences, in order to identify the resources and lessons learned of the participants, so that they can use them in daily life, developing and living their authentic style of leadership.



The next step was to focus on personal potential and motivation. These two concepts are intrinsically linked, because knowing deeply the potential that God has given to each one, and dedicating ourselves to developing it by focusing life in that direction, is the greatest motivation for the human being.

We are created to give the best of us to God, this is directly connected with the call to be stewards of our talents, as the parable of Jesus says.

All this previous work allowed to address some key questions such as: "What is my calling? What does God want from me?".



One of the most relevant teachings we find in the Scriptures is to live in integrity in all areas of our life, so there were also space during the meeting to reflect on how to build that kind of life, taking into account the different aspects of life, such as healthy habits, healthy relationships and having time to enjoy and reflect.

At the end, the need of having the support of other people was raised. The Bible has much wisdom to offer about it.


The meeting brought together eighteen professionals from different areas. / Tres-e


All the work done during the weekend provided the basis for developing the second part, which is to implement, with the support of the mentor, every aspect of the young professional's life, putting into practice biblical principles in their day to day personal and professional life.

Genuine learning and growth require time. Tres-e wants to see young professionals who develop deep roots, and give them guidance and support throughout this process, that is why they believe that this mentoring phase is key in the realization of a transformational learning.
Next year this group will continue with the second stage, related to discipleship in the workplace, and a new course of the the first stage will be opened.

You can learn more about this program for young professionals by visiting the Tres-e website (in Spanish).

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