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Some of the articles sent by readers are among the most shared on social media. Publish opinions, reports, etc.

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Photo: Angelina Litvin (Unsplash, CC),pencil, notebook, writing,
Photo: Angelina Litvin (Unsplash, CC)

Evangelical Focus was launched in January 2015 with the aim to offer well-informed evangelical perspectives on current issues happening in Europe and other areas in the world. So far, more than 30 featured authors have written opinions in our Blogs and Magazine sections.

Nevertheless, since the beginning we thought this website should be an open platform for everyone who wishes to share their views on issues that matter in society and in the church.

Comments are open for each and every article published at Evangelical Focus. But what if you don’t have enough with the 500 characters?

Have you thought of writing your own full-length opinion article? You can send it to us.

The same applies to reports, news stories or interviews. Are there initiatives happening in your city that deserve to be shared with a larger audience? Is there a story you think could inspire readers in other countries?

How to do it:

1. Write your text and make sure it follows our guidelines.

2. Send it to

3. Find it published in the Reader’s Blog home page. We will let you know per email once it has been published.

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