“Evangelical Focus is a chance to explain the Christian worldview to the world”

Director of European Leadership Forum Greg Pritchard thinks “it is exciting to see what has happened already” and thinks the website can become a “clearing house for evangelicals.”

Joel Forster , Evangelical Focus

BARCELONA · 29 MAY 2015 · 10:04 CET

Greg Pritchard. / ELF,Evangelical Focus, Greg Pritchard
Greg Pritchard. / ELF

Greg Pritchard, director of the European Leadership Forum, which is gathering about 700 evangelical leaders in Poland this week, commented on how Evangelical Focus can be a useful tool for evangelicals in Europe.

“I think Evangelical Focus it is a really exciting opportunity to be a clearing house for evangelicals”, Pritchard said in an audio interview. “That they can go online to read, listen and see what is happening across Europe.”

“What you’re doing is wonderful, it’s exciting to see what has happened already and see what will be happening in the future, I am thrilled.”



The launch of the website in January brought two opportunities for the church in Europe,  Pritchard added. “One is that you are educating, and really discipling evangelicals in how to think. How to think about the world, and how to love God and love people in that world. Whether it is a tough political question, whether it is an issue of strategy… You are going to have a chance to educate evangelicals, and that is part of your calling”.


Evangelical Focus front page.

“But another interesting part of this is, as individuals want to find out about evangelicals, people who are non-believers, interested in what are evangelicals all about, they are going to find this website. It is going to be a trusted website to basically explain what a Christian perspective is, what an evangelical and biblical perspective is on the issues of today.”

“So on one side you will be communicating to evangelicals, on another side you will be also communicating outside of the body of evangelicals. In fact, you’ll be communicating evangelistically, telling people what the gospel means.”

“What you are doing at Evangelical Focus is a chance to explain the Christian worldview to the World, and at the same time you disciple Christians”, Pritchard concluded .

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