Men who leave their mark

Many are complete unknowns to us,  but their glorious stories are written in heaven and thousands of angels sing a song of praise to God as they arrive there.

28 JULY 2019 · 17:00 CET

Michael Jordan. / Wikimedia Commons.,
Michael Jordan. / Wikimedia Commons.

MICHAEL JORDAN played in the college basketball team when he was a teenager, but when they were arranging the final line-up, the coach had to choose between a forward called LEROYSMITH and him.

For unexplainable reasons, the coach chose Leroy Smith leaving Michael aside. Jordan “took revenge” by using the other player’s name whenever he had to play in a different city with his team, CHICAGO BULLS, so nobody would know in which room he was: he always registered as “Leroy Smith”.

Michael was a man who left his mark in basketball.

God also has some sacred numbers in heaven. They would fill pages of glorious reading, written by thousands of people from around the world throughout history.

People who, in God's power, overcame the kingdom of evil and have flooded it with the light of the gospel.

People unafraid of worldly or satanic powers and authorities, who set out to obey the voice of God, come what may. People who perhaps have worked in some faraway corner of the globe to make known the glorious love of God.

Simple people, many of them, but willing to pay the price to have the victory and make God's glory known wherever they could.

Yes, one day in heaven we'll meet loads of people like David's brave warriors, who weren't frightened of obeying their king even if it meant losing their lives.

Men and women chosen by God, many of them nothings in the eyes of their contemporaries, but hand-picked by the creator of heaven and earth.

These are visionaries, conscious of the spiritual lostness of the world, who have striven long and hard in God's power to get the message of salvation across to both great and small.

Many turned their backs on their possessions and positions so they could help others. In fact many are complete unknowns to us - but their glorious stories are written in heaven and thousands of angels sing a song of praise to God as they arrive there.

God still needs men and women willing to lay claim to the inheritance which he has promised them, willing to fight for victory on all levels in their lives.

To work for God's glory; to fight for others' good; to cast off the evil ties that hold back millions of people from eternal life! God's on the look-out for men and women who'll leave their mark.

Are you one of them?

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