“We seek to be an active presence with a Christocentric focus on the COP25”

“As Christians, it is up to us to become key actors in the climate crisis and lead a change”, says Juliana Morillo, member of the Christian Climate Observer Program.

Jonatán Soriano , Evangelical Focus

Protestante Digital · MADRID · 06 DECEMBER 2019 · 20:25 CET

Members of the CCOP at the COP25 in Madrid, Spain. / CCOP,
Members of the CCOP at the COP25 in Madrid, Spain. / CCOP

In adition to politicians and diplomats, social and non-governmental entities and organizations are also participating in the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP25, being held in Madrid.

However, the known as third sector is not the only one represented. There are also Christian organisations, like the Spanish Evangelical Alliance.

The Christian Climate Observer Program (CCOP), a group that is part of the Lausanne Creation Care Network and the World Evangelical Alliance, has also been invited by the UN to the summit as observers.


Spanish Evangelical Alliance representative Emilio Carmona, and AECID Director of Cooperation with Latin America, Carmen Castiella, at COP25.


The CCOP has invited the churches of Spain this Saturday, December 7 to a meeting that aims “to establish a space for dialogue on the challenges of climate change”, the facilitator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Lausanne Creation Care Network and the World Evangelical, Juliana Morillo, told Spanish news website Protestante Digital.

The CCOP works “mentoring and training new Christian climate leaders from different countries, so that they will also influence in their contexts, to increase awareness and concern about climate action in churches, Christian organizations and other influence groups”, Morillo pointed out.



We seek to be an active presence with a Christocentric focus on the Climate Summit, praying and advocating for important climate actions, which honor God the Creator and show love for those who are negatively affected by the injustices of climate change" she said.


A panel at the COP25 conference in Madrid. / E. Carmona

According to Morillo, “the response to this dramatic and accelerated crisis has been slow and disinterested by governments, the private sector and society in general, including the church”.

“We need a real change and a concerted action to reduce the emissions that are causing climate change”, she added.



Morillo stressed that a biblical worldview of the creation care must motivate Christians to preserve the environment, thinking in the divine call to love others and the next generations.

It is up to us, as Christians, not to close our ears to the climate crisis, but rather to become key actors that get involved and lead, along with others, towards change”, she underlined.



One of the most relevant meetings, due to the conclusions reached, was the one held in Paris in 2015, which ended with the commitment of the countries that signed the agreement to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050.

“This means a significant reduction in emissions caused by vehicles that burn gasoline and factories operated by fossil fuels, among others", said Morillo.

However, “the commitments made by countries under the Paris Agreement are not ambitious enough, so far”, she added.

Therefore, the CCOP asks the COP25 to “send a clear message to countries that it is imperative that they define more stringent national goals for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions”.

“Thus, the world can reach zero emissions by 2050, and the harmful consequences to our planet and its inhabitants will be reduced”, she concluded.


Lausanne Spain and the Spanish Evangelical Alliance organised a joint event for churches related to the COP25 conference in Madrid.

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