Argentina will have a national day of evangelical churches

The Argentinean Parliament has unanimously approved a draft law that "strengthens religious freedom in the country", evangelicals say.

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Argentinian Chamber of Deputies.  / <a target="_blank" href="">Unknown author </a>, Wikipedia.,
Argentinian Chamber of Deputies. / Unknown author , Wikipedia.

The Argentinian Parliament unanimously passed a draft law that establishes 31 October as the national day of evangelical and Protestant churches, in a session that lasted until the early hours of the morning.

The project, which received the approval of all the deputies present, is the result of a consensus between several proposals presented by the Members of Parliament Dina Rezinovsky, Agustina Propato, Vanesa Massetani and Rossana Chahla, who represent different political forces and expressions of faith in the country.

Evangelical represntatives said this move was a historic recognition of the country's evangelical community and its contribution to the spiritual and social life.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, around 15.3% of the Argentinian population identifies itself as evangelical Christians.


Significant date

The decision to choose the date of 31 October is a significant gesture, as it commemorates the day on which the German monk Martin Luther made his 95 theses public in 1517, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, an event with a profound historical and cultural impact.

According to the Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Argentina (ACIERA) "this measure strengthens religious freedom in the country and validates the tireless social and spiritual work of thousands of evangelical churches in Argentina".

The approval of the bill in the Parliament is a crucial step for the future enactment of this law.

The draft law will continue its legislative process in the Senate, where it is expected to be discussed and eventually approved for implementation.

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