Working for peace and reconciliation in Ukraine

Around 130 delegates from different parts of the country reflected on the role of Christians. A manual for counselling the victims of violence has been published.

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WEA · KIEV · 11 MAY 2017 · 10:29 CET

The conference took place in Kiev. / WEA,
The conference took place in Kiev. / WEA

This Easter, the Peace and Reconciliation Network (PNR) of the World Evangelical Alliance, together with its Ukrainian member, Bearers of Peace, conducted a conference on peace in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Around 130 delegates from different parts of the country and institutions involved in society were vividly discussing issues of war an peace, reconciliation, ways to resolve tensions with their Russian neighbours and instruments of healing the wounds of war and violence.



Among the speakers coming from Germany, Byelorussia, Moldova and Ukraine, were psychologists, theologians, peace builders, as well as political scientists.

The seminars held included therapy of victims of violence, the role of the church in peace building and societal transformation, among others.

The conference closed with an Easter celebration in the Free Evangelical Church held in both in Ukrainian and Russian language.

Johannes Reimer, director of the PRN (Germany), delivered a message inviting Ukrainian Christians to “become ambassadors of peace.”

Many of the 2000 attenders went to the front for blessing as a sign of their decision to follow Christ, the prince of peace in their live and work.



The Manual for counselling the victims of violence has just been published in both, the Ukrainian and Russian language. The book is written by Oksana Gritzuia, from Bearers of Peace in Ukraine and Johannes Reimer.

The book is available for people and agencies working with victims of violence, both in Russia and Ukraine, as well as in other western countries, through the PRN Central office.



The Ukrainian inter-confessional Evangelical movement Bearers of Peace is the national network for peace and reconciliation in Ukraine.

Founded by Oksana Gritzuita two years ago, the movement has conducted numerous seminars and workshops to foster peace and reconciliation and healing in their country.

They organise camps where victims of war and their children are invited to gather around the healing power of Christ.

These camps have been offered in Ukraine, both Western and Eastern and in the Crimea, despite all the tensions between Russia and Ukraine.



PRN Eastern Europe is about to start the Eastern European Conference on Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice in Kishinev, from May 17-22.

The conference is co-sponsored by PRN WEA, Micah Global and INFEMIT Europe. Delegates from different countries have registered. There will be people from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Armenia and Central Asia.

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