“The majority agrees that the future of Greece is in the Eurozone”

The Greek Evangelical Alliance issued a press release about the "very critical period" the country is facing. They have called a day of prayer and fasting for July, 3.

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Greek Evangelical Alliance · ATHENS · 02 JULY 2015 · 12:10 CET

Protesters during a rally in Athens. / AP,
Protesters during a rally in Athens. / AP

Greece's debt crisis took a dramatic turn this week, when Alex Tsipras decided on Sunday to shut banks and restrict cash withdrawals, after the European Central Bank resolved not to extend emergency funding.

With a popular referendum on the bailout planned for Sunday July 5, Greek Prime Minister put his own position on the line, saying he would respect the result of the vote but would not lead a government to administer "austerity in perpetuity."

Voters face a difficult choice: giving in to their creditors and accept painful economic reforms, or going their own way. The latter course, some European leaders have made clear, will amount to a decision to quit the euro zone.


People queued up in the banks before the closure / AP



Greek Christians are not oblivious to this situation. The Greek Evangelical Alliance has issued a statement, where they explained how “people in Greece are apprehensive and worrying as the overall situation is extremely difficult creating tension and confusion even among believers.

Although the Greek Evangelical Alliance said that the small evangelical community in Greece “does not take sides in political matters, as this could bring about divisions in the body of Christ”, they admitted the importance of staying in Europe, for a country that is suffering a big economic and social crisis.

The overwhelming majority agrees that the future of Greece is in the Eurozone”, they wrote in the press release, because “Greece's participation in the European Institutions has so far been a real help and an agent for the promotion of religious liberties in our country”, they stated.


Greek Evangelical Alliance.


In this “very critical period for Greece”, the Evangelical Alliance has called for a national day of prayer and fasting, this Friday, July 3rd , with the following prayer requests:

  • For those suffering from poverty and unemployment along with the pressures of the crisis which affect all.
  • For the Evangelical churches, as they try to be agents of hope offering acts of mercy to people in need.
  • For unity among believers in Greece.
  • For God's mercy upon the nation of Greece and for wisdom among the people and government officials.

The evangelicals in Greece “would like to extend this call to our European and World evangelical community.”

In the midst of all the difficulties and trials they are enduring, the Greek Evangelical Alliance, concluded the statement with hope: “we praise the Lord for His Sovereignty and looking forward for His provision upon our people and our country.”

You can read the full Greek Evangelical Alliance statement here.

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