Julia Doxat-Purser is EEA’s socio-political representative & religious liberty coordinator. She was previously EEA’s first Brussels representative, where her most significant work was ensuring the EU’s Employment Directive in 2000 was amended to grant essential flexibility to faith groups. Julia’s role is to help Evangelicals engage in the public arena effectively and with solid biblical foundations of how one engages “Christianly”. She particularly enjoys encouraging the next generation of Evangelicals, often in partnership with IFES. She teaches, writes, offers advocacy & consultancy support and connects specialists together, especially in the area of freedom of religion and belief and also human trafficking and prostitution ministries (www.europeanfreedomnetwork.org). With the Brussels representative, Julia is working on a long term strategy to transform attitudes on freedom of religion and belief, including by promoting civility within our plural societies so that there is freedom of conscience for all. Julia is married to Alistair and lives in the United Kingdom.

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