The Bible staged by Playmobil figures

German author Michael Sommer launches "The Bible to go", a YouTube series to “re-enact the Bible with Playmobil characters”, with the support and theological advice of the EKD.

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Idea · FRANKFURT · 12 OCTOBER 2020 · 17:55 CET

A scene of the video. / <a target="_blank" href=""></a>,
A scene of the video. /

The well-known German author and literary scholar Michael Sommer, has created a series in YouTube called "The Bible to go", to tell the 66 books of the Bible with Playmobil figures.

Sommer has produced the videos with the support and theological advice of the editorial team of the internet platform and the evangelical network yeet, which are part of the joint venture of Evangelical Journalism (GEP), the media company of the mainline Protestant Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD).

Sommer wants to re-enact the Bible with Playmobil characters within a year and thus completely playmobilized the Book of Books” , the GEP pointed out.

The project aims “to be an aid for schoolchildren and students to undertand it better, but also to encourage them to read it more”.

A new video of no more than 15 minutes will be published every Monday on the YouTube channel “Sommers Weltliteratur to go” and on Tuesday at It started on October 6th and there are already 2 videos about the books of Genesis and Exodus.

The author, director, dramaturge and literary scholar, received the Grimme online award in 2018 for his channel, which is followed by more than 115,000 subscribers.

He has already summarized important works of world literature there once a week in about ten minutes, also with the help of Playmobil figures.

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