One third of German Protestants do not believe in God

A survey among members of the EKD mainline church confirms the advance of theological liberalism.

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Idea, Der Spiegel · BERLIN · 01 MAY 2019 · 11:20 CET

Photo: Brett Sayers, Pexels (CC0),
Photo: Brett Sayers, Pexels (CC0)

A survey among members of the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD, the mainline Protestant church) and the Roman Catholic Church shows the collapse of a basic doctrine of Christianity – the existence of God.

Only 67% of Protestants who belong to the EKD believe in God, according to a survey of magazine Der Spiegel. In 2005, 79% of Protestants affirmed this belief.

The number of members of the Catholic Church who believe in God is a bit higher: 75%. In 2005, 85% said they believe in God.

Asked about the central teaching of Easter, only 58% of Protestants and 61% of Catholics believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.



Overall in society, around 55% of Germans say they believe “in some kind of God” – down from 66% in 2005.

Additionally, six in ten believe in miracles, but women (75%) are more convinced than men (57%).

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