Christians urged to respond to Nepal’s disaster

Organisations asked to give financially and pray that “no effort is duplicated.” Teams are arriving in the region to meet urgent needs. 

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27 APRIL 2015 · 11:39 CET

Nepalese citizens gathering on the streets after Saturdays' earthquake. / WV,
Nepalese citizens gathering on the streets after Saturdays' earthquake. / WV

Christian organisations all over the world are reacting to the situation in Nepal after an earthquake killed more than 2,300 people, injured 6,000 and destroyed thousands of homes.

Some organizations have already sent their teams to the region, and many are doing appeals to raise financial support to help families of victims on the ground.



“After search and rescue, World Vision disaster management staff say initial needs are potable water, food, household supplies, temporary shelter, and protection for children”, the NGO explained.

World Vision aims to reach “100,000 people in an initial phase, meeting their immediate needs including providing first aid kits, sleeping mats, blankets and jerry cans (…)We are also setting up six Child-Friendly Spaces so children have a safe space to play following the trauma of the quake.”

WV has written a list of prayer points: “Lord, guide humanitarian workers to communities and families that were hardest hit so they are provided shelter and warmth (…) Help aid agencies coordinate their work so no effort is duplicated or resource wasted.” Anyone wishing to give to WV’s initiatives in Nepal con do it here.



Christian Aid will also be supporting emergency actions in Nepal. On its website, the organisation informs: “Our Regional Emergency Manager, Ram Kishan, said: ‘Our partners are en route to establish where need is greatest, so that we can respond quickly and effectively.’”

“Our sister agency, Lutheran World Foundation Nepal (LWF), already has teams in place on the ground. LWF will be assisting with the coordination of emergency supplies at a government-run camp, due to start providing temporary shelter from today.”

The Micah Global movement also asked Christians to react to Nepal’s disaster searching God: “Pray that rain won’t disrupt recovery operations and that safe places will quickly be found for those whose homes are destroyed.”

Tearfund is another Christian organisation which is offering ways to help. 

Gain Europe is raising financial help in several countries (Germany, Spain, others) to send it to its Korean team, which will work on the ground to "build temporal refuges, give psychological assistance and help in the reconstruction of buildings."

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