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Movement “Do Not Mess with My Children” launched in Spain

Evangelical leaders back a movement to defend the right and responsibility of parents to educate their children in values. It will confront the “tyranny of gender ideology”.

SOURCES Protestante Digital AUTHOR Evangelical Focus MADRID 30 JANUARY 2019 10:30 h GMT+1
ConMisHijosNoTeMetas, #CMHNTM Around 250 Spanish evangelical leaders attedended the presentation of Do Not Mess With My Children. / Protestante Digital

The “Con Mis Hijos No Te Metas” (in English: Do Not Mess with My Children) Spain movement (#CMHNTM) was officially presented in the auditorium of the Bethel Center in Madrid, on January 26.

Around 250 evangelical leaders from all over the country, came to listen to Christian Rosas, after a personal invitation. The political scientist and spokesman of the civic movement in Latin America explained that #CMHNTM is not a defense of Christian morality, but of the first institution that preceded religion and society: the family.



Rosas encouraged the attendees to defend the right and responsibility of parents in the education of values, in the face of any interference by the State.


Christian Rosas during his presentation.

He especially warned about the “tyranny of gender ideology, which lacks true foundations but aims to impose itself globally as the only accepted worldview”.



Samuel Justo, a member of the coordinating team, presented the agenda of the #CMHNTM Spain movement, which begins its journey after this presentation.

Evangelical churches are called for a Day of Prayer on February 28; and in the following months there will be training sessions and personal contacts with local, regional and national political parties and institutions.

The #CMHNTM Spain representatives will defend that parents have the authority and final word regarding the moral education of their children.

In September, a national march in Madrid is planned, which will could give much visibility and social presence to the requests of #CMHNTM.



#CMHNTM also started a campaign to collect signatures supporting the “Declaration of Madrid”, which was signed by the attendees.

The document was presented by the Vice-President of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance, Xesús Manuel Suárez. He said that, just as the Israelites collected dry stones from the Jordan when they entered Canaan to conquer it; the start of the movement would be commemorated with those signatures.

The document in defense of Life and the Family will be distributed in the evangelical churches, so that anyone who wants to join would be able to sign it.



#CMHNTM Spain is linked to the movement of the same name that has emerged throughout the Spanish-speaking world; being a strategic alliance between Spain and Latin America, which is also sponsored by the Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family.

It has a national coordination group, formed by people representing Spanish Protestantism and under the auspices of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Fraternity of Spain (FPCE in Spanish) and the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE).

As a civic movement, #CMHNTM is opened to anyone who shares the common basic values of defense of life, family, and freedom of conscience, related to the unwavering responsibility of parents to educate their children the way they want.



In a press conference after the presentation, Christian Rosas answered to several questions.

Q. The movement has been accused, specially in Latin America, of being related to extremist, far-right and nationalist political parties, what do you have to say about that?

A. Criticism will always be there, it is part of life. Actually, it is important to listen to it, to see if it is valid or not.

This idea is usually based on prejudices, like the idea that this movement has started as a structure from the Vatican, or from the ecclesiastical leadership of a denomination, which is not true.

The movement started with only one aim: to eradicate gender ideology, because it is false. By doing that, we are affirming a universal truth, which is absolute and transcends the human being, the geographical, linguistic and political barriers, and it precedes the establishment of the church, not matter if it is Catholic or evangelical, it precedes the founding of the state.

#CMHNTM does not defend the product of any Catholic or evangelical sector. It defends the truth that can be verified and is scientific. In order to do that, it is not necessary to have an structure, you just need to recognise the truth, to feel it from the heart.

Once you feel it, you have courage to talk, and then it comes the action. An action that shows another spirit, another mood, like the sacrificial love, the courage.

Q. In a recent debate about evangelicals and gender ideology, an evangelical leader said that he was against the #CMHNTM movement, because it leads to confrontation with society. He also said that it gives a wrong image of Christians and spoils the first aim of the mission, which is evangelismñ He finally said that he preferred to let schools educate children as they want, and he then would educate his children at home according to his own values.

A. There have always been people who are willing to sacrifice the innocence and the conscience of their children before the altar of the State. This has always happened, not just now in Spain, we even find it in the Bible.

These opinions exist, because they have maybe forgotten that the gospel is the proclamation of truth. When you say that confronting the society is a bad image, you are looking for the approval of men.

The good image, the popularity, the exhalation of man, immediately make us enemies of God. As Christian leaders, we need to look for God's approval. If Jesus would have looked for men's approval, he would have never died for us.

It is important to remember that the good news is to share the power of Christ, which is the truth, because only through Him we will really be free.

Q. Recently, there have been parents in Germany, Norway and Spain who have lost their children, because the State has considered that their Christian beliefs were not the correct education for them.

A. It has also happened in Massachusetts, in United States, where a father went to jail for one month and had to receive civic education, to allegedly be less homophobic. That is not education, that is indoctrination.

The State indoctrinates those who it thinks are sons of the State. That is only possible when the State believes that it is god and sees us as its subjects.

That is a pagan system where we are treated as subjects. If we are ashamed of proclaiming the truth, we reap what we sow. If we reap silence, we will sow silence.

Now we want to change history, and we are going to do it. Not in our way, but remembering what it is written, what we have always known.

#CMHNTM does not present anything new, we are just using the technology and nowaday's resources to present the same and only truth that has always been there. We are calling the church to join the truth, which is in Christ, without getting lost in its own ways.




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