Tim Keller died: “I can’t wait to see Jesus”

Known for his preaching and ability to connect with culture, the pastor in New York was one of the most influential evangelical thinkers.

NEW YORK · 19 MAY 2023 · 21:11 CET

Tim Keller (1950-2023). ,
Tim Keller (1950-2023).

Tim Keller, a pastor, author and well-known Christian apologist, died on 19 May at the age of 72.

The Presbyterian leader known for his ministry in the city of New York (United States) was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. On Thursday, he had been brought home to recieve hospice care.

“Dad waited until he was alone with Mom. She kissed him on the forehead and he breathed his last breath”, wrote his son Michael Keller on his father’s social media profiles. “We take comfort in some of his last words: ‘There is no downside for me leaving, not in the slightest’”.

A week earlier, wife Kathy Keller, said: “Over the past few days, he has asked us to pray with him often. He expressed many times through prayer his desire to go home to be with Jesus”.

 “We all wanted more time”, she continued, “but we know he has very little at this point. In prayer, he said two nights ago, ‘I’m thankful for all the people who’ve prayed for me over the years. I'm thankful for my family, that loves me. I’m thankful for the time God has given me, but I’m ready to see Jesus. I can’t wait to see Jesus. Send me home”.


The gospel for all spheres of life and culture

In his books, Tim Keller addressed connected the Christian faith with the questions of culture. Books like The Reason For God became bestsellers. Described by some as a 21st century C.S. Lewis, he addressed issues such as modern idolatry, the need for social justice, the hope of the gospel in times of uncertainty, and the meaning of marriage.

Many Christian leaders used his books on prayer, preaching, as well as his Bible commentaries.

His recorded messages at the church he founded, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, have impacted many across the globe. International initiatives led by him included the church planting network City to City. He was also a co-founder of The Gospel Coalition.  

Keller became a Christian at university, through the ministry of Inter-Varsity (IFES). He is survived by his wife Kathy and three children.

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