“A missionary impulse” for evangelicals in France

The National Council of Evangelicals in France approved a document to “bring vision and unity to the mission of the churches, without denying their diversity”.

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Info Chrétienne, Evangeliques.info · PARIS · 06 DECEMBER 2023 · 13:15 CET

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A moment of the meeting. / @comcnef

The plenary assembly of the National Council of Evangelicals in France (CNEF) held a general meeting in Paris on 5 December, where they approved a document called Together in mission. A missionary impulse for evangelicals in France.

The text was validated almost unanimously by the delegates representing the 33 unions of churches and 180 evangelical Protestant organisations that are members of the CNEF, with just one vote against.

After two years of working together, the members of the CNEF, “convinced that God is sending us out into the world together, we propose a common vision that will enable the different Evangelical Protestants to find their place in a movement of unity in the service of the mission that God has entrusted us”, they said.



The document has nine articles and it emphasises the importance of “mobilising at local, national and wider levels to bring this Good News to our neighbours”:

Article 1: The multiplication of disciples at the heart of the mission
Article 2: Increasing the number and influence of local churches
Article 3: Proclaiming the Gospel to all peoples
Article 4: A Christian presence in the world
Article 5: A life in harmony with the proclaimed message
Article 6: The involvement of every Christian in mission
Article 7: The cultural relevance of the Good News
Article 8: Partnerships for a common missionary impulse
Article 9: A call to pray for the work of the Spirit

“A missionary impulse” for evangelicals in France



“Bring vision and unity to the mission of the churches”

According to Erwan Cloarec, president of the CNEF, the organisation is “playing its role as a catalyst” by coordinating the drafting of the text. “The aim of this historic consultation is to bring vision and unity to the mission of the churches, without denying their diversity and specificities”.

“We hope that members will seize the text to implement it on the ground and that this will give rise to joint projects”, pointed out Philippe Monnery, vice-president of the CNEF, who coordinated the draft joint text, “which is only a phase and not the end”, he added.

Monnery also explained that during this phase, there will be several events to pray over the articles of the text, including the International Week of Prayer, which will focus on the missionary impulse.

In 2025, the project will enter its final phase, with the aim of implementing concrete actions. On 5 October 2025, the CNEF is planning a celebration and will invite the churches to organise a joint service throughout the country.


Inspired by Lausanne Movement

Co- Regional Directors for Lausanne Europe, Usha Reifsnider and Jim Memory, attended the meeting and share their comments on the text, which was largely inspired by their organisation, as Nathan Lambert, secretary of the CNEF, pointed out.

Reifsnider emphasised the inclusive scope of the text, stating that it is thanks to the differences in perspectives, origins and specificities that Christians will succeed in leading people to Christ.

Memory reaffirmed the importance of churches being relevant to the cultural context where they work, which “is not something static, so that if we need to study the Scriptures, we also need to study our culture in order to know how to transmit the gospel”.

He also warned that “corruption in the Church is the biggest challenge we face", and that if the Gospel is not being shared, “it is not due to a lack of strategy, but very often to our sin”.

You can read the full document here (in French)

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