Week of Prayer 2021 in Europe focuses on “Bible Engagement”

The European evangelicals and churches are called to pray and to engage with the Bible from 10 to 17 January.

08 JANUARY 2021 · 14:30 CET

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Photo: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash CC0.

One more year, the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) invites all European Christians to participate in the Week of Prayer (WOP).

The 2021 Week of Prayer, which has been coordinated by the International Bible Society and the Swiss Evangelical Alliance, will take place from 10 – 17 January 2021, under the theme Bible Engagement”.

“Throughout 8 days participants are invited to engage with the Bible following the verbs: read, live, share, invite, think, experience, hear, worship. The material contains a biblical devotion as well as prayer topics, a suggested prayer and a reflection for each day”, the EEA explains.

Thomas Bucher, General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance, pointed out that “when I read through it, I thought to myself: yes, the bible takes us closer to God, to our sisters and brothers, our neighbours and to our own souls. It roots us in our creator and in all of his creation”.

“It is my prayer that as a result of this Week of Prayer you will engage with new vigour with the Word of God and that it will do its mighty work in you and bring the fruit it promises to bring”, he added.

The Evangelical Alliance Week of Prayer is an old tradition, going back to the year after the launch of Evangelical Alliance in 1846.

Week of Prayer 2021 in Europe focuses on “Bible Engagement”

The WOP will take place from 10 – 17 January 2021, under the theme “Bible Engagement”. / EEA.


Praying throughout Europe

Many European Evangelical alliances has published a guide for the WOP in their own languages and are encouraging Christians in their countries to participate.

Prayer remains less attractive than other more dynamic spiritual activities for the majority of Christians. I hope this week will be a good start to the year for every believer, every evangelical church and all God's people in Spain”, says Israel Montes, coordinator of the prayer group of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance.

According to Christian Blanc, president of French Evangelical Alliance (CNEF), “praying is the best way to express to God our real dependence. Without His help and grace, the best intentions, those that sometimes animate us at the beginning of the New Year, are doomed to failure”.

Let us therefore pray for our churches and for our works. Let us ask God to make us, his children, faithful and powerful witnesses. Let us intercede for our nation and those who govern it”, he adds.

We are convinced that praying, thanking, lamenting and listening to God's Word together moves something in the praying person himself, but also in the world”, Andi Bachmann-Roth, General Secretary of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance stresses.

The 2021 Week of Prayer resources can be download in several languages at the EEA website and are also available as a Bible Plan on YouVersion app.

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