“Jesus saved me ‘online’ the day I wanted to take my own life”

Ana María found the gospel through the website In Search of Jesus. Opportunities to share the gospel on the internet are multiplying, according to this online evangelism ministry.

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  · Translated by Jason Noble

Protestante Digital · TARRAGONA · 23 FEBRUARY 2021 · 16:52 CET

Ana Maria, right before her baptism. / EnbuscadeJesus.net,
Ana Maria, right before her baptism. / EnbuscadeJesus.net

Many people are finding Jesus through their internet searches. One of them is Ana María from Tarragona, Spain, who, as she recalls, “had had the idea of taking my life for a long time, I even had a farewell letter for each of my family members”.

I searched the internet for how to kill myself, and just when I was going to turn off the computer, a little bubble appeared on the website and I felt to look there. God changed my life when I heard that Jesus loved me”, adds Ana María .

That happened during “a conversation with 'a little angel' from the website pazcondios.net (Peace with God)”, which has been created by the online evangelism ministry Search for Jesus.


Commitment steps

According to Ana Maria, her encounter with Jesus “was fascinating”. She feels “at home, cared for, protected, and better than at home”, in the local church that she found through the ministry and where she is now a member.

At her baptism, Pastor Salvori and Ana María wore masks, a symbol of hope in the midst of the pandemic. “What is impossible for men, is possible for God”, concludes Ana María.

“Jesus saved me ‘online’ the day I wanted to take my own life”

  Pastor Salvori and Ana María.


A growing need

“Unfortunately we are seeing a growth in conversations with many people who have no hope and who want their lives to end now, like Ana María”, says a Spanish member of Search for Jesus, David de Lago.

The opportunities to share the gospel on the internet are multiplying every year. Search for Jesus, which is part of the Billy Graham Association, reports that more than 138,900 people in Spain have heard the gospel in 2020, through their platform PazconDios.net, which is carried out in Spain through the evangelism ministry Decisión.

Of those people, 18,386 said they prayed for their salvation, and 1,500 left their data for a follow-up and a discipleship.

On the other hand, “we are not only a ministry focused on evangelization, our volunteers are also equipped and trained in evangelism. We are creating a network of evangelists on the internet that has an impact on the evangelization in the street”, explains De Lago.

According to De Lago, “the proclamation on the street of many is much easier due to the great practice they have on the internet”.

Search for Jesus has more than 1,500 volunteers in the world. In Spain the team is made up of 36 volunteers from different denominations and places in Spain. “Our goal is to reach 70 volunteers this year”, they say.

Furthermore, more than 65 churches from all over Spain have registered to the national church locator of the website.

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