Costa Rican Christians march for “life and family”

Evangelicals join Catholics in a demonstration in capital city San José. Other mobilisations will oppose gender ideology.

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Protestante Digital · SAN JOSE · 06 DECEMBER 2017 · 11:00 CET

General view of the march for life and family in Costa Rica. / Teletico,
General view of the march for life and family in Costa Rica. / Teletico

Thousands marched on Sunday 3 in San José (Costa Rica) in favour of “life and family”.

The event had been organised by the Roman Catholic Church and received the support of some evangelical denominations and organisations.

Chants for family and life were heard, as well as speeches opposing gender ideology, a new trend that, according to the organisers, threatents education and the stability of families in the country.


Participants in the march in San Jose, Costa Rica. / CECR

The demonstration received much media coverage, bearing in mind that the next legislative election will be in February 2018.

Seven presidential candidates joined the march: Antonio Alvarez, candidate of National Liberation; Stephanie Campos, the only woman who is a candidate, of Costarrican Renovation; Rodolfo Piza of the Social Christian Unity; Rodolfo Hernández of the Republica Party; Fabricio Alvarado of National Restoration; Mario Redondo of the Christian Democrat Alliance; and Oscar Lopez of Accessibility Without Exclusion.



The Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance is supporting another mobilistation in San José, against the introduction of new educational guidelines approved by the Ministry of Education.

Religious and social groups have denounced that these new educational guides aim to teach gender ideology materiales in areas such  as sexuality and the definition of family.

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