Genesis and New Testament translated into “vital” West African language

The book and app were launched and dedicated in a quiet ceremony in April. Almost all of the 300,000 Flame* people are Muslims.

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Global News Alliance, Wycliffe Bible Translators · 27 MAY 2020 · 17:29 CET

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Photo: Video capture Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Flame people* (name changed for security reasons) live in the central region of a country in West Africa.

They are more than 300,000 people and 99% are Muslims, but since April they have their own Christian Scriptures.

The Wycliffe Bible Translators have been able to hand the first copies of the New Testament and Genesis to members of this group.

“In recent years some Flame* people have moved to surrounding towns and neighbouring countries for work, but the centre of Flame* cultural life remains in 60 or so small villages. Homes are very tightly set together in groups by family clan”, the organisation said.

The Flame* New Testament with Genesis was launched and dedicated in late April in a quiet ceremony, in the midst of a lockdown situation.

The book and app was launched with little fanfare. The team responsible for translating the Flame Scriptures felt it was urgently important to make the book and app available now, during the month of Ramadan when Muslims spend extra time in prayer and reflection, rather than wait till a more public event was possible.

“The focus going forward is to translate the rest of the Old Testament, which will help to build stronger bridges with the Muslim community”, Wycliffe Bible Translators said. “To increase reach of Scripture, the team is also aiming to record all of the Scriptures so people can listen to them and share them on mobile phones. To meet literacy needs and bless the community, the team works in cooperation with local non-governmental organisations to teach Flame* literacy classes for adults”.

Listen to James Poole, Executive Director of Wycliffe, speaking to Global News Alliance:

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