‘Good news and good music’: Tens of thousands attended FestiMadrid

“My desire is that millions of Spaniards go to Heaven just as I will go”, evangelist Luis Palau said in Madrid. Dozens of artists and speakers shared the gospel throughout the weekend.

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A moment of FestiMadrid, in Madrid, Spain, June 22. / Association Luis Palau,
A moment of FestiMadrid, in Madrid, Spain, June 22. / Association Luis Palau

Tens of thousands – 48,000 on Saturday alone – gathered in Madrid (Spain) for FestiMadrid, an evangelistic festival organized by the Association Luis Palau, June 21-23.

The experienced Argentinian preacher had left his home country for the first time since his diagnosis of cancer. “My desire is that millions of Spaniards go to Heaven just as I will go”, Luis Palau said, adding that he was ready to die. “If I die here in Madrid, it would be ok”.


Luis Palau, preaching at FestiMadrid on Saturday 22 June. / Association Luis Palau

The verse “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John (8:36) was central to Luis Palau’s message. “You might ask yourself: in Spain, why do I need Christ to free me from, if we have political freedom, free press, freedom to travel around Europe, the freedom that money gives...? Well, not money, not education, not science can give you the freedom that Christ can give you!”.

After sharing about the need to reconcile with God, Palau led a prayer for all those who wanted to accept Christ in their lives.



BMX bikers had opened Saturday’s evening at Madrid’s Camoens Esplanade. ‘The Voice’ finalist Marcos Martins, flamenco musicians Albra Heredia and Rober Moreno, and the Chicago Salem Baptist Choir were some of the artists that share their music from a big stage.


Actor Gaston Pauls shares his testimony. / Videp capture Actualidad Evangélica

Argentinian actor Gaston Pauls, shared about his own life. “In 2003 I was in a hell of drugs”, and it was while reporting for secular media at a similar evangelistic festival, that “someone in the crowd that I was interviewing told me that God could transform my life”. After a process that led him to Christianity, Pauls has become know the lead actor of the film that tells Luis Palau’s biography.

Andrew Palau also shared a Bible message explaining his own journey back to God after leaving the Christian faith for many years.

Well-known Dominican rapper Redimi2 closed the night with his friendly lyrics aimed at young people, about how to live the Christian faith in the context of today.

Participants shared their pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #Festimadrid2019.

On Sunday, a second day of music and evangelism was organised, with a similar programme and other musical artists.



In the week before the 3 large outdoor events (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), other evangelistic events were organised in collaboration with Spanish evangelical churches – around 210 Christian communities and 3,000 ‘friends of the festival’ were involved.


Friday's FestiMadrid in Callao Square, Madrid. / Association Luis Palau

A dinner for women, an evangelism congress, a lunch for business people and a gathering for pastors included testimonies, gospel messages, training in evangelism, anbd prayer times to see people giving their life to Christ during the weekend.

A pre-festival event was organised on Friday evening in the Callao Sqaure of the city to give a taste of the larger events and invite passersby to listen to the gospel message. Furthermore, on Sunday morning around 300 volunteers led a festival for children.


BMX bikers at the FestiMadrid event. / Association Luis Palau


Buses and other advertising promoted the festival in the city. / Association Luis Palau

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