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Read it carefully before sending an article.

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06 JANUARY 2015 · 16:45 CET

Reader's Blog Guidelines. / Christian Schnettelker (Flickr, CC),Keyboard
Reader's Blog Guidelines. / Christian Schnettelker (Flickr, CC)


Any reader who follows the following guidelines. Please read them before sending your text.



1. The Reader's Blog works as any other blog at Evangelical Focus. No blogs will speak against Evangelical Focus´ evangelical identity and worldview (although they can be written by people from other faiths, or with no faith at all). We understand that the limits of freedom of speech will be the same as for any other author on this website. Articles will not be used to discuss the basic beliefs of the Christian faith (expressed in the European Evangelical Alliance Faith Statement).

2. In order to be published, articles must be sent with the author´s name and surname, country of residence. The professional occupation or a link to an external website or blog can also be provided.

3. Article should be no longer than 1,000 words. Texts that are longer have more chances to be rejected.

4. If the article is published, we will only publish the personal information provided in 2.

5. Articles which allude to other people or institutions will not be published, unless they mention issues and/or information published in Evangelical Focus.

6. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

7. We ask you to be respectful with other readers and writers. 

8. To be published, articles must not necessarily agree with the Evangelical Focus board's opinion.

9. External links will not be published, unless there is a reasonable justification.

10. Articles will not be published immediately, they must be reviewed by a moderator. The moderator has the right to approve or refuse an article. 

11. The final decision of whether the article is to be published will not be discussed via email.

12. Sending an article confirms the acceptance of Evangelical Focus´ “Reader’s Blog” guidelines and rules.



Send your article to [email protected].


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