#1YearEF: “A catalyst for Biblical thinking”

David Robertson (Scotland), Leonardo de Chirico (Italy), Samuel Escobar (Spain), Thierry Le Gall (France) and Christel Ngnambi (Belgium), on the role Evangelical Focus should play in Europe.

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Building in Europe. / Sergio Rola (Unsplash, CC),
Building in Europe. / Sergio Rola (Unsplash, CC)

What is the role a media project like Evangelical Focus should play in Europe? After celebrating our first year, we asked evangelical representatives from 5 different countries.


David Robertson, Leonardo de Chirico.

David Robertson, Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland believes "Evangelical Focus is an excellent resource for the church in Europe.”

“It fits in very well with the aim vision of our own Solas organisation. My prayer is that it will be well used, well supported, and well resourced." 

From Italy, theologian, pastor and Vatican expert Leonardo de Chirico says Evangelical Focus should continue to be a “biblical, informed and prompt perspective on current issues.” He writes his own Vatican Files column on the website.

The experienced Peruvian missiologist Samuel Escobar thinks “it is a great idea to have this kind of service in English.”

“It shares the day to day life experience of Spanish Protestantism and helps us to notice interesting developments elsewhere.”


Samuel Escobar, Thierry Le Gall and Christel Ngnambi.

France in another southern European were evangelical churches grow. Therry Le Gall, Director of Communications of the National Council of Evangelicals in France (CNEF) believes that “in times of globalisation of the information, Evangelical Focus is a great tool to give an evangelical perspective to the news happening in our European societies.”

“The website helps us to better understand the important changes that affect our nations and to bring the beautiful message of hope of the gospel. Every encouragement to the editorial team!”

From Belgium, the European Evangelical Alliance representative in Brussels Christel Ngnambi adds: “The emerging global public square needed European views from people who reason with the Bible as the highest authority. Evangelical Focus is not only an answer to a clear need, but a catalyst for more Biblical thinking on our continent.”

Evangelical Focus celebrated its first year online on January 8, 2016. Read about our vision in this article.

Read more opinions from leaders in Europe. Meet some of the authors here.


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