Nick Vujicic: “God loves you and has a purpose for your life”

The well-known speaker closed its visit to Spain with an evangelistic message to thousands.

Actualidad Evangélica · MADRID · 04 OCTOBER 2022 · 12:02 CET

Nick Vujicic, speaking at the Madrid Palace of Congresses, 1 October 2022. / <a target="_blank" href="">Youtube Decisión</a>.,
Nick Vujicic, speaking at the Madrid Palace of Congresses, 1 October 2022. / Youtube Decisión.

He had announced it in his #Stopbullying talk earlier: “I respect all beliefs, but my strength is my faith in Christ, prayer and daily Bible reading, and tonight at the Living Without Limits conference I will tell you a little more about it”, he had said. And he did, reports Spanish news website Actualidad Evangélica.

“I can do everything with God, one day at a time” is Nick Vujicic’s motto. It is his advice for overcoming personal limitations, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Nick exudes faith, hope and a zest for life. He speaks with an infectious passion. He encourages everyone present to believe and explains his reasons for believing and trusting in God. But his message is not one of superficial triumphalism. “We all have ups and downs in life. Two years ago I went through a period of depression. I needed psychological help. But I have faith; I don't give up because God is with me”.

“I have discovered that my greatest disability is my unbelief”, he told the audience in the third conference in two days, at the Palace of Congresses of Madrid, who filled over 90% of the seats.

Nick confesses to believing in a miracle-working God, as the Bible teaches. “I have a pair of shoes stashed in my wardrobe in case God makes my legs grow”, he says, “really! But I’ve discovered that if God doesn’t do the miracle I’m hoping for, I can be the miracle!”.

Nick shows humility and respect for listeners. He shows himself vulnerable, human, fragile, and paradoxically that is the greatest strength of his message: he disarms and captivates the most sceptical hearts and leads them to Jesus.

He speaks to them of the love of God, who heals the brokenhearted. That he loves us just as we are. That he has a purpose for our lives.

“Many people suffer from depression because they don’t know the purpose of their lives”, he says. “God loves you as you are and He has a purpose for your life”.

He concludes by inviting those who have never done so to receive the love of Jesus into their hearts. To make a decision to believe in Jesus and follow him. And he leads them in prayer. Hundreds of people stand at his invitation, expressing their desire to know God and trust him.

The folk-rock music band Sal 150 played several songs before Vujicic's conference.

This last conference in Madrid, on 1 October, was streamed to 2,500 sites in Spain and elsewhere. Over 27,000 had seen the conference on Youtube.

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