“Relationships” key in building Germany’s future, evangelicals say

The German Evangelical Alliance issues a guide for the national election and encourages churches to “seek direct dialogue” with candidates.

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BERLIN · 07 SEPTEMBER 2017 · 16:27 CET

A previous vote in Germany. / EPA,
A previous vote in Germany. / EPA

Christians in Germany are asking everyone to take part in the national election to the federal parliament (the “Bundestag”) on September, 24.

“In a time marred by angry politics and disparagement, we want to bless politicians from all parties and encounter them with grace. We pray for a culture of appreciation and esteem in our country”, the German Evangelical Alliance said in a statement.

Christians should be proactive in dialoguing with the candidates in the weeks ahead. “We pray that Christians will take the initiatives to seek direct dialogue with their candidates and encourage others to do the same”.


The German Evangelical Alliance.

The Christian body emphasises relationships because “party manifestos give an overview of policy, but personal interaction will give an impression of the person, their positions and integrity of the candidate”.

Churches are encouraged to “host panel discussions with local politicians” to encourage fellow citizens to take the “responsibility” to “go and vote”.

“We pray for Germany and everyone voted into positions of responsibility immediately after the election - for wisdom, courage, and integrity in their leadership”, the text says. “Prayer moves the arm of God, which can channel the heart of man like streams of water (Proverbs 21:1)”.

German Christians are “grateful for all prayer support around Europe”.


The guide for the 2017 election.


The German Evangelical Alliance has also issued a short guide to help start valuable conversations about important social issues that could help people decide their vote.

It includes questions to ask political candidates. Some of them are:

- “What will you do to help change the divisive climate that is to be found at the moment in the federal parliament?”

- “How do you see the current and future place of Germany in Europe and the world?”

- “How can the integration of refugees and migrants be successful in our country?”

- “What position and aims to you have for the politics on family, and what are your specific proposals to have a family- and children- friendly country?

- “How do you see the new prostitution laws? Would you change them?”

“- In your opinion, how should a responsible sexual education class in our schools look like?”

- “What are some key moves in the financial politics to care for creation and the environment?”

You can download the full guide here (German).

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