‘Redeeming Love’ film to be released in early 2022

Universal Pictures will distribute the film. “I hope people flood into theaters to see how God brings beauty from ashes”, said Francine Rivers, author of the novel.

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HOLLYWOOD · 12 AUGUST 2021 · 18:05 CET

‘Redeeming Love’ poster.,
‘Redeeming Love’ poster.

Universal Pictures has announced that they will handle the distribution of the film version of the well-known Christian novel by Francine Rivers  Redeeming Love, to release it in early 2022.

The Pureflix film adaptation is directed by D.J. Caruso and stars Abigail Cowen, Tom Lewis , Logan Marshall Green, Famke Janssen, Nina Dobrev and Eric Dane.

Universal Pictures is a perfect home for our film. They have a rich history in enabling films to find their core audience and beyond. I am excited for fans of the book and even for those who haven’t read it, that they will be able to experience Angel’s journey up on the big screen where it belongs”, said Caruso in an interview with Variety magazine.

According to the director, “every actor and crew member felt the significance of the story we were telling, and it enhanced and elevated the film in a profound way”.

Redeeming Love is a love story based on the biblical Book of Hosea. The best-selling novel was published in 1991, has been translated in more than 30 languages and sold around three million copies.

“After many years of dreaming about this, followed by years of work alongside D.J., we can’t wait to see the story come to the big screen next year”, pointed out Rivers, who, along with Caruso, have adapted the script of the film.

The premier was expected for 2021, but the pandemia delayed it “People keep asking when the movie will be released, and I wish I had an answer other than soon. I must remind myself that all things work according to His plan and timing. Some may wonder where God has been in this crisis. The truth is, He has remained our strength and comfort”, the writer pointed out in her personal blog.

“That’s the message of Redeeming Love. When the movie is released, I hope people flood into theaters to see how God brings beauty from ashes and that faith in Him alone, whose love changes us from the inside out, will sustain us through whatever comes”, she added.

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