‘A Christian Understanding of Sex and Human Flourishing’

European and US experts address the sexual revolution in a new free curriculum offered by the Forum of Christian Leaders.

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Forum of Christian Leaders · CHICAGO · 20 DECEMBER 2018 · 14:08 CET

The curriculum of the FOCL is offered for free. / FOCL,
The curriculum of the FOCL is offered for free. / FOCL

The sexual revolution is taking place all around us. And the reaction of many Christians is either retreating from engagement or surrendering.

“But God’s purpose for sex and human relationships cannot only be defended, but joyfully proclaimed - It is good news”, the Forum of Christian Leaders says.


Glynn Harrison.

“We are living in one of the most profound and far-reaching social and cultural revolutions of recent times,” says Glynn Harrison, a former professor of psychiatry. “This is profoundly impacting not only on our society, but on our families, on our ministry, and on our own hearts. It is shaping the way we feel and think at a subconscious and conscious level.”


Stefan Gustavsson.

“We live in a culture where many people look at Christianity’s view of sex as something oppressive and something very negative,” says Stefan Gustavsson, Director for Apologia – Centre for Christian Apologetics. “Since sex is such a major part of contemporary culture, this becomes an important issue. A lot of people dismiss Christianity because of the view of sex they think is a part of Christianity. We as Christians need to give a response to that.”



The Forum of Christian Leaders’ free curriculum, “A Christian Understanding of Sex and Human Flourishing”, is a six-lesson programme addressing important issues like: “promiscuity, pornography, and same-sex marriage, helping Christians to better know and embrace God’s design for human sexuality”.

The interactive study includes videos, discussion questions, and links to more free resources that can be used for further study.

The curriculum features content from experts including Glynn Harrison (former Professor of Psychiatry), Richard Winter (Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology and Counselling at Covenant Theological Seminary), Jim Cecy (Senior Pastor-Teacher of Campus Bible Church), and Stefan Gustavsson (Director for Apologia – Centre for Christian Apologetics), among others.



The programme is designed to be used either alone or in a group setting, such as with small groups, youth groups, churches, or family.

“The Bible’s core teaching about sex is that sex is beautiful, not just because of what it is and what it does, but because of what it symbolizes,” said apologist and evangelist Michael Ots. “The picture of sex and marriage in the Bible is always a picture of the ultimate relationship that we were created for, which is Christ and the church.”

Download the free curriculum here.

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