“I will continue to serve God in Cuba for as long as I can”

“God not only guarded us, He also orchestrated everything for His glory and the good of His work”, says Yéremi Blanco, one of the pastors detained in Cuba, after the resolution of his case.

Daniel Hofkamp , Evangelical Focus

Protestante Digital · HAVANA · 06 SEPTEMBER 2021 · 13:18 CET

Pastor Yéremi Blanco and his wife Adelys Rodríguez. /Facebook Yéremi Blanco,
Pastor Yéremi Blanco and his wife Adelys Rodríguez. /Facebook Yéremi Blanco

Pastor Yéremi Blanco, along with his friend pastor Yarián Sierra, was in prison for fourteen days after being detained during the 11 July demonstrations in Cuba.

Their case was finally resolved on Wednesday 1 September, when they were freed without charge, after paying a fine.

Yéremi Blanco is pastor of the Grace Bible Church in the city of Matanzas. He is married to Adelys and they have three children. They have gone through weeks of tension and suffering, but also of experiencing new aspects of faith and God's work in their lives.

Both pastors are also partners in the Carey Seminary, which has a biblical training program in Cuba, as well as in other countries in Latin America.

The pastor responded to the questions sent by Spanish news website Protestante Digital as soon as he knew about the definitive resolution of his case.


Question: How are you feeling now that this difficult situation has been resolved?

Answer. Right now I have mixed feelings. I am happy that I don't have to go to jail again, but on the other hand, I have to say that even the fine of 800 cup (about 28 Euros) is unfair. I didn't commit any crime and yet I spent 14 days in a cell and now we pay a fine. Anyway, my family and I are happy.

Q. In what ways have you seen the hand of God at work?

A. Throughout this whole process we have tasted God's goodness in our lives. During the 14 days I was in prison, I knew absolutely nothing of what was happening outside in relation to us.

I knew that God would not forsake us and that God would also test us, even through the unjust hands of men. But when I went out and they showed me everything that was happening in social media, the independent Cuban press, the international press, I was astonished.

To see how a huge number of Christians all over the world were concerned about our detention was a gift from God to my troubled soul at the time. It is a sign of God's goodness to us.

Many non-Christians also sympathised with us because of the injustice we were suffering and kindly offered us their help. God has given us many friendships and we want to keep them.

On the other hand, all the uncertainty I experienced inside the prison and all the affliction that came afterwards contributed to test not only our faith, but also many teachings of the Holy Scripture that we verified in our own experience.

God not only guarded us, He also orchestrated everything for His glory and for the good of His work.

“I will continue to serve God in Cuba for as long as I can”

  Yéremi Blanco, Adelys Rodríguez and their three children.

Q. What are your expectations for the future of your Christian ministry in Cuba? Do you feel encouraged to continue?

A. The future of our ministry in Cuba may be more difficult from now on. The church in Cuba is under constant surveillance. Because of what happened to me, and because I have been under investigation for the events of July 11, the surveillance of our church and of me will become more intense. We might even have to deal with more obstacles than we did before.

I am not sure what kind of situations we will face from now on, I am not sure what kind of situations my children will face when they start school again.

However, I will continue to serve God in Cuba as long as I can. My wife and I have been married since 2003, and we have three children. If it were to happen that my family begins to face any kind of harassment, then I would consider serving our God in another nation.

Q. How can Christians worldwide help or pray for you and the church in Cuba?

A. The church in Cuba has been going through difficult times, in many ways, for more than 60 years. Now is no different. So I would appreciate your prayers that Cuban Christians may be able to live and express their faith freely at all times.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who were aware of our situation and took the time to pray for us. God bless you all.


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