Top 2022: Evangelical Focus’ most read articles

Among the most read, Christian reactions from Ukraine as the Russian invasion unfolded, the trial of a Christian politician in Finland, and the death of the British Queen.

27 DECEMBER 2022 · 14:50 CET

A Russian tank destroyed and left behind in a road in Eastern Ukraine. / Photo: <a target="_blank" href="">Dmitry Bukhantsov</a>, Unsplash, CC0.,
A Russian tank destroyed and left behind in a road in Eastern Ukraine. / Photo: Dmitry Bukhantsov, Unsplash, CC0.

Nearly half a million users visited Evangelical Focus this year (we will share more statistics once December ends).

2022 was the year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and also one of several freedom of speech cases in Europe.

Below you will find the list of the 10 most read news stories (and 5 opinion columns).

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Most read news stories

10. Queen Elizabeth II dies: UK Christian reactions (8 September)

The longest-serving monarch of the UK dies at the age of 96. “Jesus’ teachings have been the bedrock of my faith”, she said recently.

Top 2022: Evangelical Focus’  most read articles

  Queen Elizabeth (1926-2022). / Photo: Royal Family UK

9. Päivi Räsänen faces hate speech trial with “a calm mind and trust in God” (14 January)

The Finnish parliamentarian to be tried for expressing her biblical convictions about homosexuality hopes her case will encourage other Christians to openly speak about their faith.

8. Trial of Räsänen and Pohjola completed (15 February)

The second hearing focused more strongly on the interpretation of the law than the first hearing. Bible quotes and questions about faith were not heard this time.

7. Half a year after La Palma eruption: “Many are starting to accept it, but there is much pain” (1 July)

A local Baptist pastor: “We support families with supermarket cards, food, rental subsides and fuel vouchers”. Rebuilding roads in the island is a priority as 500 people continue to stay in hotels.

Top 2022: Evangelical Focus’  most read articles

Works in La Palma after the vulcano eruption. / A. Ursula, Wikimedia Commons.

6. Prostitution will no longer be a crime in Belgium (1 March)

A new law will allow those involved in the so-called sex industry to have employment rights. Advertising and inciting prostitution remains illegal.

5. Liz Truss, new UK Prime Minister: Christians react (5 September)

Gavin Calver of the Evangelical Alliance: “Leadership is always hard, it’s difficult to imagine a more challenging set of circumstances”.

4. Päivi Räsänen cleared of all charges: Christian politician acted within the limits of law, rules Helsinki District Court (30 March)

The Christian politician, after the ruling is made public: “Why was there so much international interest? Because people understand that if questioning freedom of expression can happen in reputable Finland why not in any other country”.

Top 2022: Evangelical Focus’  most read articles

 Päivi Räsänen, after the ruling of the Helsinki Court is made public on 30 March 2022. / Photo: Matti Korhonen, Uusi Tie.

3. Hundreds of families could sue transgender clinic Tavistock for medical negligence (12 August)

In July, the National Health System of the UK closed the controversial gender clinic in London after a medical review found that treatments such as puberty blockers put children “at considerable risk”.

2. Online religious services and activities led by foreigners to be banned in China (3 January) The new law states that Chinese Christians need a state permit to publish religious content, which “should not incite subversion or oppose the communist party leadership”.

1. Christians in Ukraine in the face of invasion: “Prayer is our weapon” (25 February) Evangelicals in Kyiv call to trust in God and defend the country. Churches are offering shelter to refugees. Christian leaders in Moscow express their oposition to war. “Fear paralyses, prayer, trust in God, caring for your neighbor - gives strength”.


Most read opinion columns

5. Serpents in the Bible

Among the most dangerous snakes for human beings that can still be found in Israel are the following: the black desert cobra, the Palestine viper, the Palestine ladder snake, the horned desert viper. By biologist Antonio Cruz.

4. A curse amulet with the oldest mention of YHWH ever found in Israel

This could be one of the greatest discoveries of biblical archaeology in modern times. By archaeologist Tim López Eriksson.

3. The 50 countries of the World Watch List 2022

Afghanistan is new at the top of the Open Doors WWL 2022. By Puertas Abiertas España.

2. The terebinth tree and cultural prostitution

The terebinth is native to the west Mediterranean, but it has spread eastwards to Greece, Turkey, Syria and Israel, and it is very resistant to drought. By biologist Antonio Cruz.

Top 2022: Evangelical Focus’  most read articles

Photo: Antonio Cruz

1. Queen Elizabeth II: “I have indeed seen His faithfulness”

“I draw strength from the message of hope in the Christian gospel”, she said in 2012. The Evangelical Alliance UK reflects on Queen Elizabeth's Christian faith and public leadership. By the EAUK.

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